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                           1.  Choose the # of channels enabled on the G-Link-200 OEM
                           2. Choose the sample mode to be used to collect data
                           3. Choose the RF transmit power
                           4. Choose the Collection Mode the G-Link-200 OEM will use to collect data
                           5. Choose the Data Type the G-Link-200 OEM will use to send data
                           6. Choose the Source Voltage to be used to power G-Link-200 OEM
                        Graph Type will show the average current draw of the G-Link-200 OEM (mA) or the approx. runtime(hours), using the Battery Capacity entered
Number of channels Sample Mode RF Transmit Power Collection Mode Data Type Source Voltage
  See the G-Link-200 OEM user's manual for more details of these settings
Graph Type Battery Capacity (mAh)                            
Sample Rate      
This data may change without notice         a NAN indicates node cannot be run at the sample rate with current configuration